Message from the founder



The Monfort Bat Sanctuary is a God given natural resource which I always emphasize does not belong to me but to all of us to conserve and protect.


It is my wish that every guest who visits the sanctuary goes home with a new attitude about bats, having understood their importance, concerned about their plight and willing to join my BATtle Cry which is to CPR Bats!  Conserve, Protect and Respect! 


As Bat Mama, I refer to them as the unsung heroes, my “Angels of the Night”.  As humanity sleeps soundly rain or shine each night, these angels fly out in darkness and in harm’s way to forage for food.  While doing so they perform an invaluable service maintaining the ecology on which we are all dependent on.


Let us together, rediscover our solidarity as a people, and learn to thank these bats for all that they do while starting to become a conservationist in any capacity that will help this fragile environment we are saving for future generations.


The Monfort Eco Tourism Estate is my Legacy of Peace for the Children of the World.


Norma Monfort

2011 Disney Conservation Hero