Monfort Bat Cave and Conservation Foundation (MBCCF), Inc.
Sitio Dunggas, Barangay Tambo, Babak District
Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte

MBCCF projects a pro-active conservation group to take initiatives on environmental, economic and socially sustainable nature-based and eco-tourism activities in the region.

MBCCF directs itself to safeguard and conserve the Monfort Bat Cave which shelters the world's largest roost of rousettus amplexicaudatus fruit bats. One of its intentions is to boost the Monfort Eco-Tourism Estate and its natural resources for today and tomorrow's generations. Furthermore, MBCCF intends to reach out to the communities through education and livelihood programs for them to actively participate and cooperate in the preservation of the bats, their habitat and the environment as a whole. All these shall be fulfilled by adhering to the principles of a harmonious environment, economic sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Protect the bats and conserve the Monfort Bat Cave in particular


  • Make the communities environmentally aware and actively participative in the mission and vision of MBCCF.


  • Integrate environmental sustainability principles into all areas of operations.




  • Foster and strengthen network with environmentally-concerned groups from various sectors to facilitate development and protection of the Eco-tourism site.


  • Achieve a long- term sustainability and positive impact in all the projects and activities.


  • Constantly develop creative and practical ways of meeting the needs of local and international visitors or volunteers and the local community.


  • Assist Philippine Bat Conservation, Inc., Bat Conservation International and other NGOs in the enhancement and expansion of the delivery of education, training and research related to bat conservation.